Each year the Garden Club of New Jersey (GCNJ) presents awards to various local clubs in recognition of their outstanding projects, programs and members.

All local clubs submit applications in compliance with the requirements of the National Garden Club (NCG). The Garden Club of LBI has been the recipient of numerous yearly awards. Current awards received under the direction of Awards Chairperson Lesley Taylor are …

The Garden Club of New Jersey Award for an Outstanding Project or Program

May Day Baskets

Madelyn Pietrucha, Chair

The Medford Lakes Garden Club Trophy for Native Garden

Veterans’ Memorial Garden, a landscape garden accessible to the public using predominantly native plant material.
Cathy Sutton, Chair

The Garden Club of New Jersey Awards the Certificate of Merit with Gold Seal for Excellent Yearbook and the Demarest Garden Club Yearbook Award for highest rated Yearbook

Pat Doyle, Chair and Pat Morgan, Cover Design

Youth Contest

The Garden Club of LBI participates in the Youth Contests sponsored by the National Garden Club. The National Contests take place in three stages beginning with local Garden Clubs sending submissions to the State (GCNJ). Winning submissions at the State level are sent to Regional (CAR) for judging and

CAR’s winning submissions go on to be judged at the National (NGC) level. Each year our club encourages students to submit to three National Contest – Poetry, Essay and Sculpture. We are proud that in the past the work of our talented youth has won awards from GCNJ, CAR and NGC.

This year our students have received

  • 1st place at the state level for 4th, 5th, and 6th grade in the poetry contest
  • 1st place at the state level for 4th grade in the sculpture contest
  • 1st place at the state level for the high school essay contest