Special Projects

The Special Projects Committee is responsible for the distribution of funds to organizations that enhance the environment, the landscape, the waterways and the ecology of the area.

Thanks to the success of our Holiday Tour of Homes the Special Projects Committee awards grants throughout the year to environmental, gardening and beautification organizations for various projects –from planting dune grass to rescuing stranded marine mammals.

If you know of a project that needs funding please scroll down for an application or contact Bette Della Torre at bette_dellatorre@yahoo.com.

 In addition to  recipients listed below, grants were awarded to Clean Ocean Action,  American Red Cross(Hurricane Disaster Relief),  The Salvation Army(Hurricane Disaster Relief),  Pinelands Preservation Alliance,  Marine Academy of Technology and Science and Hunger Foundation of Southern Ocean County.

Pine Wilt Disease and Common Maladies of NJ Coastal Pines

With funds provided by the Special Projects Committee of the Garden Club of LBI, LBIF and Conserve Wildlife provided guidance for homeowners in the LBI region to address tree health and care while promoting native plants.  The partnership hosted a Tree Disease Workshop on April 27, 2019 at LBIF with expert speaker Richard Buckley from Rutgers University along with a native plant sale.  As part of the Workshop we offered free eastern cedar trees to local LBI homeowners.  Garden Club members JoAnne McKee, Karen Martinez, Mary Wilding, Cathy Sutton and Ginny Scarlatelli were on hand to help with the sale and distribution of red cedar seedlings to residents that the Garden Club had provided funds for through a Special Projects proposal.  The seedlings are intended to help replace some of the black pines that have died because of the pine bark beetle infestation.

JoAnne McKee and Cathy Sutton helping with plant sale

Long Beach Island Foundation Veteran’s Garden

Winner of the 2018 Central Atlantic Region of State Garden Clubs Award for Civic Development to the Veteran’s Memorial Garden.

Mill Creek Community Garden

Balloon Free LBI

Each year 100,000 marine mammals and more than one million birds are killed by balloons. Ingested by an animal or bird, the balloon blocks the digestive tract and the poor creature starves to death. Other times, wildlife become entangled in the balloons’ streamers or twine and can’t move to hunt or fish. 

Balloon-Free LBI is a grassroots organization whose sole purpose is to educate the public on the these dangers and the unique threat they pose to our island’s ecology and economy. Toward this end, the Garden Club of LBI has generously provided funds for two thousand pamphlets that were distributed at local municipal and taxpayer meetings, fairs, festivals and civic gatherings. 

In June 2017, we began to make progress when Long Beach Township passed an ordinance banning mass balloon releases. Our aim is to have other local governments follow its lead until LBI is Balloon-Free.

Marine Mammal Stranding Center

The Marine Mammal Stranding Center is a private non-profit organization based in Brigantine and is the only organization in the State of New Jersey authorized to rescue and rehabilitate stranded marine mammals and sea turtles. Since the Center’s founding in 1978, more than 4,300 animals (including whales, dolphins, seals & sea turtles) have been handled by the Center. To learn more, visit http://mmsc.org/home.html

Terrapin Nesting Project

The Terrapin Nesting Project has been another one of the successful projects we have funded over the past few years. It is run by Kathy Lacey, who has shared her love of turtles at our past meetings. While most of her work is in Barnegat Light/High Harbor area, we have a flourishing, but smaller hatchery in Holgate. We hatched and released 819 baby terrapins into the bay and wetlands.

The Terrapin Nesting Project  protects nesting Diamondback Terrapins on Long Beach Island, their eggs and their hatchlings, and educates the public on the vital role they play in maintaining the health of Barnegat Bay’s ecosystem. If you’d like to learn more or volunteer, click:  www.terrapinnestingproject.com

Alliance for a Living Ocean

The Garden Club of Long Beach Island Project Proposal

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