Youth Garden Clubs

Each month, from September to May, Garden Club members meet with fourth- and fifth-graders at  St. Mary’s Academy school to teach gardening techniques and flower arranging.
Beginning February 2019, the Garden Club launched a second Youth Garden Club that meets at the LBI branch of the Ocean County Library  located in Surf City. Children in grades three through six from the community are welcome to attend.

February 2020

Library Youth Club

Happy Birthday George Washington and Abraham Lincoln!!

The Youth Garden Club at the Surf City Library paid tribute to George Washington and Abraham Lincoln on Wednesday February 12th with a colorful red, white and blue President’s Day floral arrangement. White chrysanthemums, red carnations and blue daisies , flowers that were popular during both Washington’s and Lincoln’s time, were used in the design along with a base of local greens. The young designers then placed stars and stripes pinwheels , picks with the faces of both president’s and a pair of  patriotic “shutter glasses” in their arrangements  . The 15 future floral designers were guided by co-chairs Margo Bartiromo, Ginny Scarlatelli and Jeannette Michelson along withe members Jean Devlin, Lori DiGiacomo and Joyce Hillyer.  It was a lively afternoon with the  final colorful arrangements a wonderful reminder of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.         Please click on any photo to enlarge .

Photos: Jeannette Michelson