Art in Bloom

Our collaboration with the Long Beach Island Foundation of the Arts & Sciences and Rowan University was a success.

Co-chairs Debbie McWilliams and Andrea Rudner, along with the assistance of their team put on a fabulous display. Eighteen Garden Club members interpreted pieces from an exhibition of art provided by the staff of Rowan. The opening cocktail party was held on Saturday evening, May 20th with well over 100 attendees. The Foundation and the artists were thrilled with our addition of floral interpretations to their show. We hope to piggy-back on another exhibition sometime in the future. With the closing of the Noyes Museum we were fortunate to tie in to a show at the Foundation and keeping it local was so convenient for all participants.

A special thank you to our floral ‘artists’ – Chris Vohden, Diane Pleyn/Bev Retinger, Madeline Foley, Diana Moon Woodward, Sue Vehslage, Pat Morgan, Cathy Sutton, Ginny Scarlatelli/Tracey Cameron, Rosemary Fallar/Kathie Kimchick, Jean Devlin, Judy Hack, Debbie McWilliams, Betty Frey, Peggy Driscoll, Nancy Kunz, Maryann Chatfield/PatMurphy, Mary Ellen Bigham and Judie Alloway. We also want to than our helpers – Dorian Madreperla and Shirley Stalnecker. We are especially pleased that we had 8 members who left their “comfort zone” and designed for Art in Bloom for the first time!