Standard Flower Show

Standard Flower Show 2018

The Standard Flower Show was held on May 10, 2018 at the Harvey Cedars Bible Conference Center. This flower show conformed to the standards established by the National Garden Clubs, Inc.

The show , “From Sea to Shining Sea”, featured a Floral Design Division and a Horticultural Division.  The Design Division consisted of two sections. Section A , “America the Beautiful”, was further broken down into three classes:  By the Beautiful Sea, Everglades Natural Beauty and Majestic Mountains.  Section B, “This Land is Your Land”, was also broken down into three classes: Beneath the Desert Sun, Above the Fruited Plains and Wonders of the Wilderness.  The Horticultural Division allowed the members to display their gardening skills. Twenty members contributed to fifty horticultural entries. Tracey Cameron and Joyce Hillyer registered the entries.

The show came together under the guidance of committee chair, Julie Eller and her co-chair, Cindy McGrath. They were assisted by Horticultural chairs Pam Masturzo and Karen Martinez . Many other members contributed to the success of the show by serving as clerks, as well as helping to  set-up and clean-up.

Photos:  Jeannette Michelson

Click on this link to view the class “By the Beautiful Sea”