Officers and Committees

Executive Committee

President Teresa Hagan
President Elect Kay Binetsky
1st Vice President Joanne McKee
2nd Vice President Eileen Szperka
Recording Secretary Joyce Hillyer
Corresponding Secretary Judie Alloway
Treasurer Bonnie Korbeil
Assistant Treasurer Carol Stracensky
Past President Maryann Chatfield

Standing Committees

Board of Directors

Awards Lesley Taylor,  Luellen Henderson
Beach Haven Gardens Chris Vohden,  Barbara Dilkes
Birds and Wildlife Debbie McWilliams,  Judie Alloway, Lesley Taylor
Edith Duff Gwinn Gardens Betty Frey, Cathy Sutton
Environmental Mary Wilding
Finance Bonnie Korbeil,  Carol Stracensky
Historian Julie Eller,  Joanne Mitchell
Horticulture Karen Martinez
Hospitality Peg Appleget, Marge Girardo, Suzanne Monahan
House Tour Beverly Reitinger,  Michele Farias
Intergenerational Lois Perry,  Beverly Reitinger
Membership Eileen Szperka
 Newsletter, Blasts Susan Douthitt,  Pat Seith
 Parliamentarian Kay Binetsky
Photo Directory Eileen Szperka
 Programs Joanne McKee
 Publicity Gillian Rozicer,  Kay Binetsky
 Senior Services Cathy Sutton,  Dell Hardman
 Special Projects Bette DellaTorre,  Mary Wilding
 Sunshine Pat Seith
Website Ginny Scarlatelli, Tracey Cameron,
Jeannette Michelson
Youth Jennifer Schwab

Special Committees


 Art in Bloom  Andrea Rudner,  Debbie McWilliams
 By-Laws Review Carol Stracensky
 Continuing Education  Beverly Reitinger,  JoAnne McKee
 Design  Tracey Cameron
 Floral  Design Workshop  Joanne McKee
 Help Feed the Hungry  Kathy Gronostajski,  Gillian Rozicer
 Informational Handbook  Judie Alloway
 Let’s Talk Gardening  Pam Masturzo
 Libraries  Polly Rote, Peg Appleget
 Luncheon Judie Alloway,  Lesley Taylor
 May Day  Madelyn Pietrucha, Lois Ernst, Joan Coughlin
 Military Appreciation  Lois Ernst, Mary O’Meara
 Photography  Jeannette Michelson
 Scholarships  Pat Miller
 Special Events/Field Trips  Judy Hack
 Tour of Gardens  Pam Masturzo, Bunny Pavia
 Yearbook  Pat Doyle
 Yearbook Cover Design  Pat Morgan