Garden Tour

June 2020 Virtual Garden Tour

Each year, the club showcases beautiful local gardens on the third Thursday in June. This year we are featuring a virtual tour of the beautiful and varied gardens of our members.

Please click on any photo to enlarge and begin a slideshow through each gardeners gallery. If you are viewing on a mobile device simply tap on photo to enlarge and then “swipe” to see all photos in the gallery. Photos were provided by Cindy McGrath, Bonnie Brodman, Irene Bausmith, Karen Martinez, Joan Coughlin, Joyce Hillyer, Diane Barbieri, Joan Fitzsimmons and Mary Wilding. All other photos by Jeannette Michelson.

Jackie Ostberg


Diane Pleyn


Joan Fitzsimmons


Cindy McGrath


Bonnie Brodman


Norma Parfitt


Ginny Scarlatelli



Irene Bausmith


Carol Thim


Karen Martinez


Joan Coughlin


Marilyn Upton


Betty Frey


Joyce Hillyer


Diane Barbieri


Mary Wilding