Standard Flower Show

Standard Flower Show Chairs 2021-2022: Julie Eller and Cindy McGrath
Standard Flower Show 2022- Save the Date!
Graphic Design by Tracey Cameron

    Members of the Garden Club will participate in three divisions and will conform to the standards established by the National Garden Clubs, Inc. The three divisions are Design, Horticulture and Education. Judges from the Garden Club of NJ will critique the show.

December 2021

The Design and Horticulture Division Groups for the upcoming May 5, 2022 Standard Flower Show met at chair Julie Eller’s house on Wednesday December 1, 2021. Details of the show were discussed and organized. The January 2022 meeting will provide specifics for the show. Remember, click on any photo to enlarge.

Photos: Jeannette Michelson

Division II  Design – Specifications
Division ll Design – Specifications for Standard Flower Show
November 2021

At the November 11, 2021 meeting of the Garden Club, Flower Show Chairs, Julie Eller and Cindy McGrath made a special request to the membership. In order to make every club member feel a personal connection to the show, the chairs are asking members, who are not part of the design entries, to donate small floral arrangements that would be sold as part of the show’s “Floral Boutique”. The show is the Thursday before Mother’s Day,  and small floral designs should be well received. As examples of what could be done,Cindy and Julie showed six arrangements they  made in mugs and teacups for a small cost. Small plants, like violets, could also be used in place of an arrangement . Teacups, mugs, sugar bowls and teapots with missing lids, small baskets, could all be used. These little designs can be of minimal cost if the small containers were ones that members no longer wanted.  The “Old and New Shop” in Manahawkin also has similar items for a small cost.

In early spring, sign up sheets  for the Standard Flower Show will be circulated.  For the boutique to be successful, participation is critical. Please keep this in mind and know how much member support is welcomed and appreciated!

Standard Flower Show 2018

The Standard Flower Show was held on May 10, 2018 at the Harvey Cedars Bible Conference Center. This flower show conformed to the standards established by the National Garden Clubs, Inc. The show , “From Sea to Shining Sea”, featured a Floral Design Division and a Horticultural Division.  The Design Division consisted of two sections. Section A , “America the Beautiful”, was further broken down into three classes:  By the Beautiful Sea, Everglades Natural Beauty and Majestic Mountains.  Section B, “This Land is Your Land”, was also broken down into three classes: Beneath the Desert Sun, Above the Fruited Plains and Wonders of the Wilderness.  The Horticultural Division allowed the members to display their gardening skills.

Click on this link to view the class “By the Beautiful Sea”