Each year the Garden Club of New Jersey (GCNJ) presents awards to various local clubs in recognition of their outstanding projects, programs and members.

All local clubs submit applications in compliance with the requirements of the National Garden Club (NCG). The Garden Club of LBI has been the recipient of numerous yearly awards.  In addition to the State and National awards a club may also be presented awards by the Central Atlantic Region (CAR).  The Central Atlantic Region consists of all garden clubs of NY, NJ, PA, OH, DE, MD and the Washington, DC area.  State garden clubs select and submit projects for regional award consideration. In 2020/2021 this committee will be chaired by Bonnie Brodman.

The following was submitted by President Diane Barbieri  in the club’s October 2020 newsletter.

I was pleasantly surprised to open my mail this week that contained multiple awards received by our club from the Garden Club of New Jersey.  A special thank you to our Awards Committee headed by Bonnie Brodman for submitting the information to the state. We received 4 awards, grades, 3,4,5,6 for the National Garden Clubs, Inc. Youth Poetry Contest, the committee headed by MaryAnn Chatfield.  We also received an award, The Woodbridge Garden Club Trophy for “May Baskets” which was headed by committee chair, Madelyn Pietrucha.  An award for “An excellent Publicity Press Book” was presented by The Garden Club of Westfield, chaired by Gillian Rozicer. The Garden Club of New Jersey also awarded our club with a Certificate of Merit with Gold Seal for an “Excellent Yearbook”, chaired by Pat Doyle. Such incredible accomplishments achieved with hard work and determination is greatly appreciated by all of our club members.  Click on photo to enlarge.


Garden Club of NJ Youth Awards 2020

Photos: Jeannette Michelson

MaryAnn Chatfield, chair of the Garden Club of LBI’s youth poetry and essay contest committee, congratulates Addison Slaven, a resident of Surf City and a fifth-grader at Long Beach Island Grade School, for her national third-place finish in the National Garden Club’s Youth Poetry Contest. The winning poems is entitled “Beautiful Cherry Blossoms.”


In 2018/2019 , under the direction  of Awards chairpersons, Lesley Taylor and Luellen Henderson, our Club received  a National Garden Club Award and the following Garden Club of NJ awards.

Photos: Jeannette Michelson

National Garden Club Award

First Place May Duff Walters Achievement Award for Preservation of Beauty

The Edith Duff Gwinn Gardens

Co-Chairs:  Betty Frey, Cathy Sutton and Peg Felix

Central Atlantic Region Awards (CAR)

Third Place Jean Ladson Outstanding Achievement Award for Planting and Maintaining a Butterfly Garden in a Park in the Borough of Barnegat Light, NJ.

Garden Club of New Jersey Awards

East Orange Silver Trophy for Developing and Working with a Community Park

 The Barnegat Light Community Park Butterfly Garden

Co-Chairs: Debbie McWilliams, Judie Alloway, Lesley Taylor


The Wykoff Garden Club Trophy for Renovating and Maintaining a Garden of a Building with Historic Significance

The Edith Duff Gwinn Gardens

Co-Chairs:  Betty Frey, Cathy Sutton and Peg Felix


The Garden Club of Mountain Lakes Silver Trophy for an Outstanding Project Related to Wildflower Preservation

The Edith Duff Gwinn Gardens

Co-Chairs:  Betty Frey, Cathy Sutton and Peg Felix


Hanover Garden Club Trophy for a Successful Innovative Project of Merit

Intergenerational Committee

Co-Chairs: Lois Perry, Beverly Reitinger


The Ruth B. Somerville Silver Trophy for an Outstanding in Litter/Control/Recycling

Chair:  Mary Wilding

The Environmental Committee Project  “A Plastic Ocean.”