Senior Services

Senior Services Chair 2023-2024: Cathy Sutton
If you believe that wisdom comes with age, Senior Services may be able to teach you a thing or two. Meeting eight times a year on the third Wednesday of the month, club members present a program and a workshop for local senior groups under the direction of the Senior Services  committee chair.

Seniors Enjoy Holiday Cheer! December 2023

Photos by Lisa Tyson & JoAnne McKee (click on images to enlarge)

Gorgeous floral arrangements were designed by ten members from the St. Francis Meals-on-Wheels and Alzheimer group on Wednesday, December 20, 2023 at the Ocean County Southern Service Center in Manahawkin. Before the session, the Senior Services members from the Garden Club of LBI, crafted a holiday theme, gathered materials and their clippers and fresh greenery for the guests. The Committee guided the attendees with red carnations, large white spider mums and painted pine cones.

The guests enjoyed working with their hands as well as the creative aspects of the activity. Garden Club members in attendance were Cathy Sutton, Senior Services Chair, Laura Henrich, Carol Ruch, Paula Cofone, Rachel Halford, JoAnne McKee, Norma Parfitt, Lisa Tyson and Gail Palumbo. The members enjoyed watching the seniors assemble their own arrangements and their reactions when they succeeded!

Spreading Thanksgiving Joy! November 2023

Photos by Jane Niemeyer & Diane Macrides (click on images to enlarge)

The Senior Services Committee from the Garden Club of Long Beach Island met with 30 wonderful guests from the St. Francis Meals-on-Wheels and Alzheimer group on Wednesday, November 15, 2023 at the Ocean County Southern Service Center in Manahawkin.  Six attending garden club members including Cathy Sutton, Senior Services Committee chair, spread out fall floral choices in front of each guest so the options would be accessible at their fingertips. Members assisted and watched the group make numerous adjustments to create their very own lovely fall flower arrangements. The easy to maneuver mixed flowers featured a large variety of greenery, spider mums, alstroemeria, beauty berry, chrysanthemums and carnations.

The crowd radiated a vibrant atmosphere with a mix of old and new friendships, social connections and a buoyant display of happy moods!

Garden Club and Seniors Celebrate Halloween! – October 2023

Photos by JoAnne McKee & Lisa Tyson (click on images to enlarge)

The Garden Club of LBI, guided seniors at the Ocean County Community Center on Wednesday, October 18, enabling them to create charming mini pumpkin arrangements. Cathy Sutton, who serves as the Senior Services Chair, led the Meals-on-Wheels program from St. Francis to yet another enjoyable day!

Thirty guests adorned stunning Halloween floral arrangements using a combination of greens, mums and lilies resulting in eye-catching displays. The Club members were dressed in their Halloween attire, exuding enchantment and adding an extra touch of charm to the occasion. A “hauntingly” good time was had by all!

Witching you a Happy Halloween!

Senior Services September 20, 2023

Photos by Lisa Tyson & Diane Macrides (click on images to enlarge)

The members of the Senior Services Committee from the Garden Club of LBI rejoined their hands with the St. Francis Meals-on-Wheels group on Wednesday, September 20, 2023! Lots of heartwarming smiles filled the room at the Ocean County Southern Service Center in Manahawkin.  While creating beautiful floral arrangements, you could hear the group converse with the seven Garden Club members about their positive summer memories. One guest mentioned how she looked forward to the fresh scent of the flowers and greenery that the Garden Club always provides.  Cathy Sutton, Chair of the Senior Services, led the group of twenty-three with a combination of fresh greens from member’s gardens along with mums, carnations, and roses. “I think the men enjoy the flower arranging more than the ladies! We helped make lovely creations for the seniors to take home and enjoy,” said Sutton.

Next month’s theme is Halloween!