Youth Committee Chair 2022-2023:  Jeannette Michelson

Youth Garden Club

The Youth Garden Club meets monthly from October through May with children from the community at the Ocean County Library in Surf City. Children in grades three to six are welcome to attend. Garden Club members instruct the children in gardening techniques, flower arranging  and environmental topics that are especially relevant to coastal areas. The activities vary by season and holidays but fun is always included!

Marvelous Red White and Blue May!

Graphic Design : Tracey Cameron        Photos: Jeannette Michelson

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The Garden Club of LBI Youth Committee hosted a “Marvelous May” hands-on flower arrangement program for community children grades 3-6 on Wednesday May 18, 2022 at the LBI branch of the Ocean County Library. The afternoon was lead by Youth Committee chair Jeannette Michelson, co-chairs, GInny Scarlatelli and Margo Bartiromo, along with  garden club member Paula Cofone. The children took home beautiful  red, white and blue holiday- themed designs that featured  red carnations, white pom-poms and blue and white spider mums.The arrangements were topped off with an American flag in honor of Memorial Day. A spirited game of “Flower Bingo” rounded out the afternoon.  The Youth Garden Club will resume in October 2022.

We’re Back! Happy Earth Day April 2022!

And We’re in the News!
Press of Atlantic City April 27, 2022

The Youth Garden Club , chaired by Jeannette Michelson and co-chairs Margo Bartiromo and Ginny Scarlatelli met for the first time in two years on April 20,2022 at the LBI branch of the Ocean County library. The Earth Day themed program focused on pollinators and the plants these bees, butterflies and humming birds need to survive. With their bee antennae in place, the young floral designers got to work making arrangements with miniature daisies, pom-poms, statice and the super-pollinator of them all, the sunflower. Mary Wilding made a guest appearance as the “Recycling Hero” which stimulated a lively conversation about plastics and the need to reduce and recycle. The children went home with their arrangements and a packet of “Feed the Bees” wildflower seeds to plant in their garden. Remember click on any image to enlarge.

Photos: Jeannette Michelson