Dorian Madreperla

Term: 2009 to 2010

Photo by Jeannette Michelson

Past President, Dorian Madreperla, sums up her association with The Garden Club of LBI as a “Way of Life”.  This appears to be so, as this former president has 35 years of garden club ties…first to the Montville Garden Club and then as a member of our club.

Dorian grew up in Rhode Island and attended the University of Rhode Island along with her husband, Steve.  Upon graduating, Dorian and Steve moved to Weehawken, NJ followed by a move to Montville, NJ where they raised two sons and two daughters.  It was during this period Dorian worked part- time for Linens and Things as a way to be out with people while still being there for her family. It was also at this time Dorian decided to join the Montville Garden Club.  Then, after vacationing on LBI for many years, Dorian and Steve purchased their home on the island in 1985 and moved down full-time in 2002.

Dorian pursued becoming a member of our club when she moved here because of her interest in flowers and gardening and for an opportunity to meet people.  Because of her association with the Montville Garden Club, Dorian was able to become a member right away despite a waiting list.  Dorian shared that she was amazed at the size of our club’s membership especially coming from such a small club in Montville.  She also was impressed with the accomplishments of our club due to the enthusiasm and hard work of our members.

Besides being President, Dorian held other significant positions in our club, such as, Membership Chair and Flower Show Chair.  As one to help wherever there is a need, Dorian has also volunteered to decorate houses, make flower arrangements, and help the club and fellow members in any capacity.  Dorian remembered when she was asked to be President. Initially, Dorian was scheduled to be a House Chair; but as she was on her way down to Florida, Diana Woodward called her and asked her to be President-elect.  Dorian told Diana if they could get someone else to take the house tour job, then she would agree to move into the President-elect position; and so… the rest is history.  As for the highlights of her presidency, Dorian commented that she loved it all!  She did explain that during her tenure, the by-laws were changed to state that the President hold office for two years so as to coordinate with the state’s procedures.  However, that by-law was later reversed back to one year which is where it stands now.  As President, Dorian immersed herself into the duties and responsibilities necessary to graciously lead the club and continue its legacy.

Just recently, Dorian and Steve moved from the island to Escapes on Rt.72 where she said she just loves her new home. This mother of four, grandmother of nine also has a long history of playing tennis and mahjong.  As she reflected on her experiences, she said, ” I like people jobs.” It’s easy to see that Dorian lives this philosophy and The Garden Club of LBI has been fortunate to have such a special member and President.