Libraries Chair 2021-2022:  Diane Pleyn
Each November, the club holds a miniature flower exhibit—under 5 inches—at the Surf City branch of the Ocean County Library.  In addition to this annual  display, each month club members  provide fresh or dried flower arrangements for the Surf City library and the Beach Haven library. ​If you’d like to participate in this committee , please contact the Libraries chair.

Library Arrangements October 2021

Photos: Jeannette Michelson


Library Arrangement September 2021

Floral Arrangement by Diane Pleyn. Photo Jeannette Michelson


August 2021  Seashells and Succulents

Photos: Diane Pleyn


November 2019 Miniature Flower Exhibit

Photos: Jeannette Michelson

It is said that good things come in small packages. The many talented ladies of the Garden Club have shown this to be true with their beautiful miniature floral designs. November 2019 was the last miniature display presented by the Garden Club but a new exhibit is planned for November 2021. If you can’t make it to the library, check back here in November to see  photos of these tiny treasures.  Click on image to enlarge.