Ginny Scarlatelli

Term: 2016 to 2017

Photo by Jeannette Michelson

After joining the Garden Club of Long Beach Island in 2009, Past President Ginny Scarlatelli, has demonstrated to be a dedicated member of our club.

Ginny grew up in Teaneck, NJ and attended Montclair State College where she was an English major and where she met her husband, Michael. Ginny went on to further her studies at Rutgers where she earned a degree in Library Science and Information Technology.  Early on in their marriage, Ginny and Michael lived two years in Germany due to a work transfer before returning to the US.  They then made a home in Long Valley, NJ with their two sons, Adam and Evan where they lived for 30 years.

During that time, Ginny’s career put her in the Morris County Library System. Ginny was head of Technical Services which ordered and processed materials that went on shelves. She was also instrumental in converting the Dewey Decimal cards to online status for all the collections of the libraries in Morris County.  In 1985, Ginny became president of the Board of Trustees of the Washington Township Library and became the director of the library in 1990.  During her tenure as director, Ginny was involved in all aspects of building and opening a new library facility.  She continued as director of the Long Valley/Washington Township Library until she retired in 2009.

Ginny’s love of the beach started as a child going to Normandy Beach and Lavallette. Ginny and her husband decided to buy a little piece of the shore and found their money went further as they moved a little farther south, taking them to LBI.  In 1995, Ginny and her family bought a home in Loveladies.  Upon retiring in 2009, Ginny looked into organizations and groups to meet other full-time people.  Because Ginny was part of the Loveladies Homeowners Board and a local book club member prior to retiring, she had a couple of connections to women in our club. During that period of time in the club, new members were put on a waiting list before being able to officially join. Ginny volunteered to help decorate a house and worked at the Edith Duff Gwinn Gardens.

Once a member in 2010, Ginny did not hesitate to throw herself into many positions in the club; the most important of which was President. In her short number of years as a garden club member, Ginny was part of publicity and then Treasurer for 3 years.  Ginny was part of the Awards Committee with Nancy Kunz and wrote the award for Mary Wilding’s environmental award along with the award for the Edith Duff Gwinn Gardens which won in the category of Best Garden Surrounding a Historical Building.  In addition, Ginny chaired the Evergreen Committee with Grace Byrne for 6 years. Continuing, she has decorated houses, and has chaired a house for the house tour. While President, Ginny worked with Joan Coughlin, the first chair of the Floral Design Workshop Committee to launch this committee; and then continued to work with the committee under Joanne McKee’s leadership.  During Ginny’s tenure, she was also instrumental in organizing the first House Tour Task Force to see how things could be enhanced or improved as part of the Annual Holiday Tour of Homes.

Another one of Ginny’s major accomplishments was helping convert our former website to the one we now use of which she still oversees. As of late, Ginny has pushed forward an extension of our Youth Services as she has broadened the scope to include activities for youngsters in the local libraries.

In her spare time, Ginny enjoys playing Mahjong, golfing, reading, and being a grandmother to her 6 year old granddaughter, Cora Mae, who lives in DC.   Ginny is especially proud of her affiliation with the Daughters of the American Revolution; as she discovered that she is a direct descendent of seven Mayflower passengers.

In closing, Ginny shared that she values most her many friendships in and out of our club. She also stated that it is important for her to get up in the morning and do something to contribute and promote growth in herself, which is evident in Ginny’s participation, and most importantly, contributions to the various organizations to which she belongs.  The Garden Club of Long Beach Island truly appreciates all of Ginny’s hard work and efforts.