Diana Moon Woodward

Term: 2005 to 2006

The first time I was approached regarding being the President of The Garden Club of Long Beach Island, I had to say no. At that time, I was about to enter into a permanent relationship with my third husband, Gene, and I felt my effort should be focusing on that direction. However, the club kindly asked me again for the 2005–2006 year and I said yes.

I anticipated lots of work, but I found that if you kept everything organized and delegate, delegate, delegate, being the President was not really difficult. Of course, the woman whom I asked to do certain jobs were the best and caused everything to run smoothly.

My most meaningful accomplishment was changing the May Basket activity from being purely in club to making May baskets for and distributing them to shut-ins, widows, and the like. This was another way to reach out to the community.

Our environmental efforts are ongoing. Saving water was my focus. I always reminded the members to turn off the water while brushing their teeth. The statistics for water conservation by this one small act are amazing!

The House Tour was, and always is, a wonderful and rewarding experience.

Having in the past been a little leery of women’s groups, I have been totally delighted to find such a wonderful, creative, capable, dedicated and intelligent group of women who are willing to work diligently to accomplish the Garden Club of LBI’s goals and almost always, with a smile!