Eleanor Crane

Term: 2004 to 2005

I have been a resident of Long Beach Island since my birth in July 1923. I attended

Lankenau Nursing School and became a registered nurse in 1946. I was married to my husband Charles for 48 years, raised a son and two daughters, and have one granddaughter. While I raised a family, I was also active in other groups and was President of the Soroptimist Club of Long Beach Island and President of the Long Beach Island Women’s Club. I also was the organist for the Long Beach Island Lutheran Church for 76 years.

I was president of The Garden Club of Long Beach Island from 2004 to 2005. Some of the activities the club and I participated in during my time in office were:

*Education workshops for the new members using “Gardening at the Shore” as a reference.
*The building of bar houses by students at Southern Regional High School.
*Learning more about the Monarch butterfly from recipients of our scholarships.
*Starting the discussion of extending officers tenure from one to two years.
*Grace Bryne’s successful efforts and saving wetlands and acreage on Route 72.

I enjoyed my time in office as President of the club. I’m met a lot of great women who were also great volunteers. I also enjoyed watching the enthusiasm of members and building gardens. So proud to say I was once President of the Garden Club of Long Beach Island.