Holiday Tour Boutique

At 9:45am, the line already snaked through the building, out the door and around the block. When the doors opened at 10 am, the mad rush was on. By 10:30, almost 75 percent of our boutique was sold out. And it’s no surprise: all the items–including more than a hundred greens arrangements–were made by our talented members. If you missed out, be sure to make this your first stop next year! Click on photos to enlarge or click to see the Greens Workshop.

And a big thank you to the following who generously contributed their talents to the Boutique:
Debbie McWilliams, Donna Evleth, Geri Rosone, Bette Dellatorre, Carol Stracensky, Cathy Ruch, Dorian Madreperla, Madelyn Petrucha, Diane Barbieri, Mary Stevens, Judie Alloway, Pat Morgan, Chris Voden and Irene Bausmith.