Holiday Tour Boutique

As always, the line for the Boutique started to form around 9:00am with the members of Trinity Church handing out their homemade cookies and putting smiles on the faces of those that came hoping to be the first in line when the doors opened. In order to eliminate the large crowd and potential hazard of the mad rush we decided to allow the public to come through immediately. To our surprise, just this small change made the biggest difference to the flow and made everyone, especially our shoppers, happier. Again, most craft items and greens went off the tables by 11:00am. Greens Workshop.

Contributing crafters were:
Diane Barbieri, Mary Stevens, Gerry Rosone, Pat Morgan, Donna Evelth, Cathy Ruch, Dorian Madreperla, Chris Vohden, Irene Bausmith, Ginny Darvis, Bonnie Korbeil, Joanne McKee, Colleen Norton, Norma Parfitt, Diane Pleyn.

Outside contributors included Debbie McWilliams’ 93 year old dad, Diane Mazey and Mary Ellen Bernard.


Holiday Tour Boutique committee
A sampling of Boutique creations
Holiday Tour Boutique co-chairs, left to right, Debbie McWilliams, Lesley Taylor, Judie Alloway and Lois Ernst